Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Day In and Day Out

Many, many, many days pass by here on the ranch with the same things going on.  Mind you, I am NOT complaining about this. Simply put....nothing is going wrong.  And THAT makes me happy!

We all spend most of our days now feeding the cows and calves.  Two days a week I feed cottoncake cubes to the cows.  The other days, Matt and I feed hay to them.  The calves get ground hay and cubes every day.  Matt pens the steer calves every morning so they can all find their way in to the lot where Dad feeds them.  And unless the wind is blowing to keep the mills pumping and the tanks open, we have ice to break and pitch most days, too.

Dad will spend an afternoon here and again, grinding hay for the calves and putting it into a big pile to feed out of for a few weeks.

Sometimes, if the temperatures drop around zero and the wind goes clear down and SOMEONE  has gotten lazy and not banked a well, it can freeze up.  Then that same SOMEONE ( who now shall remain nameless) has to thaw out the well before the wind comes up and breaks something.......that same SOMEONE also has to spend several days scooping poop and dirt around wells to prevent this from happening again.  But I think I.....er...SOMEONE has all the wells banked now.

It's a little over a month until the heifers will start calving.  We have a few things to get ready for that.  Also we will sort replacement heifers and tag the ones that will ship later in February.  Those replacements will need to be bangs vaccinated.  The steer calves all ship the end of February too.  And barring anything unforeseen, we will have a few more quiet weeks of same ol', same ol' before the excitement begins.